Treats and Dental Multipack

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1 x 6 dog treat flavours + 1 x 2 dental sticks flavours

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The healthy treat

These semi-moist treats are made with 88% fresh fish and meat. Every reference is supplemented with ingredients that contribute towards joint protection both in growing age or older age (glucosamine and chondroitin). Seaweeds and vegetables complete these recipes that, besides their big nutritional value, are a unique experience of flavour and texture for your dog.

Daily dental care

Besides taking care of the food for your dog, we pay attention to his oral health too. To minimize the tartar development or gingivitis, we created a family of dental sticks without addition of chemicals or detergents that reduces this problem by mechanical action while chewing. These sticks are made with 88% of fresh fish and meat for an healthy digestion. As with our daily oral hygiene the oral care of your friend should be made on a daily basis too.

Analytical constituents

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