How to place your order

Here you can find a step-by-step guide on how to place your order at our UK store.

Choosing your products

Use the tiles on the store’s homepage to select the type of product you desire for your pet. After choosing which product you want, simply select the desired weight and quantity and click the shopping basket icon on the right to add it to your shopping basket. If you want to add another product to your order, you can navigate through the rest of the website as the previously added products will still be in your basket. After you’ve chosen and added all desired products to your basket, click the shopping basket on the top-right corner of the website to review your order.

Reviewing your order

After clicking the shopping basket, you will find all products you’ve previously selected, quantities and respective prices. If you want to remove a product from your order simply click the red cross next to the item. If you want to change the quantity for any product, write the new quantity and click the green refresh arrows next to it. The page should refresh and reflect the new quantities and prices. After you’ve reviewed your order, click “Proceed to Checkout”.

Checking out

You should now be on the check out page, where you can confirm and pay for your order. This page will ask you for your billing details, as well as shipment address (if different from the billing address). If you have a coupon code, start by inserting it on the drop-down box right at the top of this page. After you’ve entered all your details, you can also choose to receive the order at an UPS “access point” near you, which allows you to collect your order from a local business so that you don’t have to be home when the delivery company gets there.

Paying for your order

At last, choose your preferred method of payment and pay for your order. You will be directed to a confirmation page with your order details and will also receive a confirmation e-mail with tracking information.