Frequently asked questions

Naturals vs. Grain Free

Q. Naturea is not just grain-free. Why?

A. Naturea aims to offer the best diets for dogs and cats, based on their nature.All diets are formulated respecting the nutritional needs of dogs and cats as carnivores, following a naturally appropriate principle. The Grain Free diets are the extreme of this concept, where the unnatural ingredients in carnivorous diet, such as cereals, are completely withdrawn. However, this type of food has two shortcomings: the high price, and the fact that it is impossible to formulate them with a high level of metabolizable energy, proper for animals with fast metabolisms or having a higher level of exercise.These issues have led to the development of Naturea Naturals. The concept Naturea is no longer a physical characteristic of one type of food and has evolved to a richer offer with further responses. Respecting the basic principles of Naturally Appropriate Food: high level of high quality and digestibility animal protein, about 60% of ingredients of animal origin, negligible vegetable protein, low carbohydrate, joint protection and the exclusive use of ingredients approved for human consumption.

Q. Are there only medium & large breed references?

A. Naturea has several all-breed diets that respond perfectly to all breeds and sizes needs. However, we opted for an intermediate kibble size, suitable to all animals, and that fits most breeds. This may not be ideal either for very large animals, or for smaller ones. However, the brand is already developing references with more specific sizes in particular for small breeds.

Q. Why choose Naturals, when there are cheaper grain-free diets than Naturals?

A. Because Naturea does not compromise the quality of the ingredients it uses. Although they may be stated as Grain Free, there are diets whose quality is lower, even if they don’t have cereals. In Naturea, regardless of the version, the ingredients are of high quality and higly digestibile and safe in addition to being all approved for human consumption. Naturea aims to develop the best products in of each range, without jeopardizing its concept: to provide naturally appropriate diets.

Q. Why is the price for the reference Adult so close to the Grain Free Regional?

A. Because the ingredients are identical and the overall quality level is close.

Q. If it’s not Grain-Free is it worse?

A. For Naturea products, no. All complete dried pet foods require a minimal amount of carbohydrates. In Grain Free versions, we decided to choose sweet potato as a source of these carbohydrates because many cereals are associated with allergies and food intolerances. However, it is not possible to achieve high levels of metabolisable energy, indispensable to some animals. The fact that the range Naturals contains whole brown rice enables its metabolizable energy to be higher. Brown rice is unanimous accepted among the cereals that are used for feeding dogs and cats, as a grain with a relevant nutritional function and gluten free.

Q. When can we advise Naturals rather than Naturea Grain Free?

• When you want a diet with high metabolizable energy;
• When you want value for money.

Q. What is the main point in favour of Naturea Naturals?

A. Its main ingredient: fresh deboned chicken, never frozen, with 100% protein of animal origin (approximately).


Q. Do you offer free shipping?

A. Yes. We offer free shipping if your order total is 100£ or above.

Q. How long do I have to wait until I get my order?

A. If you order before our daily cutoff time (which you can find on the Delivery & Returns Page), your order is expected to be delivered in 3-4 working days. Otherwise your order will be shipped the next day, meaning you should expect an extra working day.

Q. Can I track my order?

A. Yes, you will receive a tracking code after you complete your order. You can use this code to follow every step of your package(s).


Q. Is it possible to return an order?

A. You are protected under the EU law and have the right to return your order. Please refer to our Delivery & Returns page for further details.