Tuna fillets with mussels

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98% Fresh fish & meat – after water removed,
0% grain


Tuna fillets with mussels

Looks and tastes like something they could ask on a beach restaurant for cats.

This is a recipe where the best fresh ingredients have the unique look and taste of a simple and careful preparation. Here the cooking process allows for the enjoyment of the best of each ingredient, both in terms of taste and in terms of nutrition. Its final appearance reflects this care, where you can identify both the tuna fibers and delicate pieces of mussel. This is a complementary and suitable food for kittens and cats of all breeds, including sterilized ones. Bon appétit.

Typical analysis

Crude Protein: 11,5%, Crude Oils And Fats: 0,4%, Crude Fibre: 0,2%, Crude Ashes: 0,8%, Moisture: 86,5%.


Tuna, Mussels.